Tuesday, November 11, 2008

California ... Sweet!

I know a pretty little place in Southern California down San Diego Way ... Bally Jump a little higher!

SoCalSader provided the next, very active stop on the Bally tour of 'Sader Nation.

Here I am arriving at SoCalSader's place in sunny San Diego!

After arriving and resting from my trip west, a busy day was in store. We started with Brunch at a local watering hole. It was a very relaxed environment.

SoCalSader and I kicked back and enjoyed a mimosa!

Check out SoCalSader here. He's one laid-back, California Cool Dude!

After brunch, we took a shuttle to the historic gaslamp section of San Diego for a Flobots concert. The concert was a fundraiser for Solar Power in schools in San Diego. The money raised is for private schools that do good work but have slight money troubles, especially with power bills. The foundation will pay the bill to install solar power at the schools which, in effect will zero out their power bill and actually contribute to the electrical grid and give them a small income. A good concert for a good cause!

After the concert, we hung out at another local establishment, where they had all these cool pub games. What should we do to pass the time?

From there we headed over to Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, to see the Padres take on the Atlanta Braves!

The seats at Petco were really spacious. I had one all to myself!

We had a great view of the game. Boy we were way up there!

The Padres were trailing and Southern Californians (including SoCalSader) tend to leave early before the game is over - winning or losing. I laughed at this tradition and shamed SoCal into staying until the end. The Padres lost 4 - 0, but the traffic getting out wasn't bad!

The next day, we relaxed and hung out at the historic Pearl Hotel in San Diego. Check it out here: The Pearl Hotel

After all that activity the day before, sitting pool side was just what the doctor ordered!

Ahhhh! Chilling on a raft, floating the day away. So refreshing!

SoCalSader works at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, where all of the US Navy and USMC amphibious training occurs, including the training for all Navy SEALS.

Here I'm sitting on the side of a Higgins boat, used by the United States troops for the landing on Iwo Jima in World War II.

Here, I'm on the bow of a Swift Boat, near a memorial to all service men who died in service on the swiftboats in Viet Nam.

Finally, I waved goodbye to the sun and surf and fun as the sun began to set at Pacific, San Diego, below at the Chateau de SoCalSader!

Thanks for a great time SoCal!

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