Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dogs Days of Summer

Summer in the world of college sports is the time to slow down, kick back, relax, take some time off and catch your breath. You think about the coming seasons but honestly you don't think too hard.

This summer in 'Sader nation has been pretty eventful. The month of June was presented much to post about on Crossports with the surprise resigantion of head coach Ralph Willard to assist long time friend Rick Pitino at Louisville and the hiring of Sean Kearney from Notre Dame.

July began to feel more like a normal July but several of us fans and Crossports posters decided to get together to discuss not only the new head basketball coach at Holy Cross, but the outlook for the upcoming fooball season and underappreciated celebrities like George Kennedy, Ernest Borgnine, and Crossports poster, Bally host and Sports Street Regular Jon.

Non Alum Dave, Sader Fan, and I discuss what changes Coach Kearny may have in store this season.

No matter what changes though, I'll be there courtside again!

CHC8485, Tom, Non Alum Dave, Sader Fan, Andy (Sader Fan's Son and high school team mate of Crusader footballer and Indianapolis Colt hopeful Brett McDermott), Ray and I enjoyed a few cold ones, free appetizers, and a lot fun chatter. The waitress was not only kind enough to put up with us, take this picture, but she seemed to take a keen interest in me! We'll have to go back there.

Jon, a big George Kennedy fan, couldn't make the trip from North Carolina, but he was at a similar gathering two years ago with many of the same people and Bob just couldn't imagine us doing this again without him. So he made sure Jon was there in spirit!

And because we missed Jon so much that night, here's a couple of bonus pictures in a blast from the not too distant the past.

Jon prior to the 2006 Patriot League Championship at Bucknell.

Jon, wearing the purple - trust me under that coat is purple - outside Nationwide Arena in Columbus Ohio prior to the first round of the 2007 NCAA Tournament where the Crusaders took on the Salukis from Southern Illinois.
Shortly after this picture was taken, thinking that Jon was hitching, the driver of that minivan in the background stopped and offered Jon a ride.
Jon said, "No thanks. I'm right where I want to be. In Sader Nation!"