Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Belly of the Beast

After an extended stay in North Central Massachusetts, Bally was ready to travel and meet more denizens of ‘Sader Nation, not in a gym or on campus, but where they lived. Bally wanted to see the Nation and stretch his legs – short though they may be!

After soliciting hosts, the tour began in late June with a stop in Central Pennsylvania. But not just any hamlet, Bally went to Lewisburg, PA – home of Holy Cross basketball rival, the hated Bucknell Bison.

Sadercat51 is a Holy Cross fan, who because of geography is forced to attend basketball camp at Bucknell. Her dad, runs HoopTime a great blog about Patriot League Basketball. Some have said HoopTime is a Bucknell fan, others that he has a Holy Cross bias, and others that he likes whomever is playing Lehigh. But that really doesn't matter, he covers the Patriot League well and there is no doubting that Sadercat51 is a Holy Cross fan!

As you can see, she has a shrine to Holy Cross hoops including a jersey, warm-up shirt, and a basketball signed by last year’s Holy Cross team.

Sadercat51 attended basketball camp at Bucknell and she really wanted to bring me along this year. Let me tell you, though, that Bucknell place was really REALLY scary! All that blue and orange … something only a Mets fan could love! But even here at center court of Sojka Pavillion I knew I was safe, as long as I was with Sadercat. Anyone brave enough to wear purple – much less Holy Cross purple – and dance with me on that Buffalo thing at center court is brave enough to take care of me!

Next Stop: Southern California with SoCalSader!

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  1. Just to avoid confusion -- the shrine is not in Lewisburg. We are in the Harrisburg area. But Bally was a hit with the girls at Bucknell's girls hoops camp, which is when Cat and bally got revenge for Bill's ladies by dancing on "the buffalo thing."
    -- HT