Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Bally is in ‘Sader Nation!

During the 2008 College Basketball season, Kyle Whellistion of the ran several contests to give away stuffed plush replicas of Bally, his site’s comic strip hero.

Kyle brought Bally to a Holy Cross game earlier this year and that picture inspired me to try to win a Bally for 'Sader Nation with some help from my friends on the Holy Cross Fan Web Site and the Crossports Message Board.

Despite several attempts to win a Bally through coercesion, and just down right pestering him, Kyle remained pure in his awarding of stuffed Ballys to his readers – a stuffed Bally had to be earned!

In early February this contest was started by Kyle on the Mid-Majority. With help & suggestions from Crossports, 'Sader Nation won a Bally!

Well Bally arrived in 'Sader Nation - just in time for the end of the basketball season. He traveled with the Holy Cross Good Time Marching Band until both Crusader men and women were no longer playing. Since then Bally has been on tour all over 'Sader Nation and with the 2008 - 2009 college hoops season upon us, we hope he'll tour more of the Nation with fans following team!

This blog provides photo documentation of Bally’s adventures in ‘Sader Nation since his arrival.

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