Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bally's with the Band!

Bally joined the Band in Worcester and started having fun immediately!

Some strange things are on that band bus! This mannequin has needed a head on it's shoulders for a long time!

It's always good to be with a sax player! HCBando'09 took good care of me and I always had a comfortable seat! this is at American University where the Holy Cross men lost by 2! Ughh!

Riding on the band bus. As Ricardo Montalban said back in the day..."The luxury of crushed velour!"

Ahhh pizza! A ball's gotta eat! I never met a pizza I didn't like!And these band kids are good. Note the beverages in the background. No underage drinking with this crew!

This purple ball followed us to the hotel from the pizza place.
She said she was a groupie. I don't know, but she provided lots of fun for me and the entire band!

Playing games on the bus really helps pass the time. This was on the way to Army for the Women's Tournament. I was good at this category!

This is a really great Fight Song! You can listen to it here:Chu, Chu! Rah, Rah!

Ahhhh! Time to hit the sack! Living in the laps of affordable luxury with the HC Band!

When you depend on others to get you around, sometimes you get put on the shelf and feel like a potted plant!

Ramapo College??? I thought we were playing at West Point?

Heavy rain and a power outage at West Point forced the games to be relocated. Who cares where it is, it's college basketball!

The players are warming up, getting ready to take on Lehigh. The Crusaders would go on to win the game 46 - 44!After the game, it was back to Worcester and a few days off before the Patriot League Championship game at the Hart Center against Bucknell!