Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's A Bally World After All!

Bally returned to Central Massachusetts in time to join CHC8485 (Bob) and his family on a trip to Disney World.

While in Florida, Tropical storm Fay was never far away. It cut through central Florida during the first night and parked off east coast of Florida for the 3 or 4 days. Save for an occassional downpour about twice a day, the rain was never too steady and often just meant gray skys all day. But that did two things, kept the temperatures in the low to mid 80's all week - not bad for a group of northerners in Florida in August - and kept the lines at the parks very short.

It was a great vacation and with Bally along we got a few pictures!

Here I am with Bob. You'll see he has on a rain poncho. That was required gear for the week. I was well protected in the backpack!

If you look at this and the next picture closely, you may be able to tell that Bob's Holy Cross hat is soaked. This was shortly after one of the extended downpours and he got soaked running between rides!

I was really looking forward to this ride because I thought it was perfect for me - It's a Ball World.

We got there, hopped in a little boat and I didn't see a single ball anywhere, just a lot of dancing kids singing the same song.

After all was done, Bob had to tell me It's a SMALL World!

Here's Bob and his son Joseph outside Epcot Center. When I saw that huge ball, I thought it was the Mothership! Then I found out it was really a ride called Spaceship Earth!

This place is cool, but very confusing for a ball like me!

You can see the weather was still damp, but you can see Bob, his daughter Elizabeth and I were still having a great time!

This statue of Walt Disney and Mickey in front of Cinderella's Palace gave me an idea...

Mid-Major World! Or... Kyle Whelliston World! OR ...


Complete with a statue of Kyle holding my hand out in front of the signature 3600 seat gym that is the center of this theme park. No seats, just bleachers.

Hmmmm. I gotta develop this idea.


More pictures to come in a future posting - as soon as Bob can locate the misplaced CD that holds them!

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